Saturday, September 27, 2008


Another Saturday is gone as every weekend that goes by. But this one was pretty different and deserving some talking. The day started with the Computer Science
Symposium on campus. My main reason to be there was to present a poster about my own work. The first part of the symposium was a lot of fun and then I was really glad a couple of people got interested about my work and genuinely spent time listening about what I was saying. It is usually hard to find people that like exactly what you like but I felt like I got their attention even if just for a while. It made my day.
After dinner I went to this party where I was supposed to bartend. I never did it before and that made me feel that no matter how it turned it was going to be
fun. And I was right. I spent four hours straight serving wine and beer for people with little pauses. There were always people in line. What is fun is to end up interacting with all this different people that otherwise would have little interest to come to talk to you. This way instead they basically have no other
choice other than to come. And some are really interesting. Some look at you with fun expressions and since they are either drunk or going to be, it is ok to
make a little bit fun of them. They don't mind. During the day it might be inappropriate but in this case it is totally cool.
As the party went on I started noticing the same people returning over and over again to get more beer and wine. There was actually nothing else to serve. Everybody looks different. There is the guy that is very friendly and will actually start dance for me when I ask it as a price for getting served, there is the guy that looks completely depressed and I wonder if it is the right thing to do to serve him more alcohol. I do it nevertheless.
Among the interesting people that I met there was one of my ex students and my ex instructor of climbing that seemed interested in coming to dance salsa after I promised that I would teach her some moves. My neighbors were there too. Somehow they get to know about all the parties in town.
Overall I am really glad I agreed to bartend for the party. I am usually the kind of guy that eventually gets bored at parties. This way I actually got to have some fun and it made me feel good to serve so many people in a single day. I got served many times so this was my first way to return the favor. Well, almost, since I was paid well.
If I had the chance, I would definitely do it again.

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